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The Construction Cloud Platformoffers an easy and powerful way to take control of your projects

Project Footage Defined is a data repository system used to place project files in the cloud for accessibility by PC, Tablet, and Mobile Phones. The Project Footage System can be used on a monthly basis OR purchased as a Virtual Private Cloud System (VPC); operated on a Company's Own Private Servers and Network. Monthly prices can be found on the Pricing tab on the homepage. If you are interested in purchasing the entire system as a VPC along with mobile apps, please send us an email:

If you are interested in purchasing the entire system, you can use and the mobile apps as a demo site. All PF branding would be changed to Your Company Name if purchased as a VPC. Your Company will have the ability to create a database and login credentials for all employees and customers. Specific uses will vary from industry to industry.

VPN Technical Spec's

Server Type: Linux (LAMP)Database: MySQL
Server OS: Red Enterprise Linux 5 or 6
Video Encoder – Mp4 x H.264 (Converts mp4, avi, mpg, 3gp, 3g2, mov, wmv, flv. to mp4xh.264)
Video Streaming – Compatible with all CDN's (Amazon Cloudfront, Akamai, Limelight, Rackspace, etc.)

Cloud File System

Files are stored by project name on ONE user friendly Project Page. Each Project Page may be set for public view OR password protection. Each Project Page has the ability to allow logged in users to upload and download files using assigned passwords.

Each Project Page Contains:

  • Document Categories (Folders) which can be customized. Accepted documents files are: Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, Text, Compressed Files
  • Built-In Photo Viewer – Upload, Download, & View Photos
  • Built-In HD Video Player – Upload, Download, & View Videos
  • Built-In Audio – Upload, Download, & Listen to mp3 files
  • Notes Manager – Timestamp Notes
  • RFI Manager – Requests for Information can be posted and time stamped.

Profile/User Homepage

All Users who establish accounts on the PF system automatically create themselves a customizable homepage. Entire departments within a Company or Divisions of a Company can be formed on the PF system with all the Company members of each Company linked together. Each user has the ability to create and manage project files.

Profile Features

  • Project Tabs – Provides the ability to organize projects ( Planning, Participating, Active, RFP)
  • Project Links – Links to other projects which user is participating in
  • Company Member Links – Links to other Company Member homepages
  • Associates – Links to other outside Division or Company homepages.

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